Fascinating journey around Astana (Kazakhstan)
Astana can be safely called Central Asian Dubai, because that's what they have been called…

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Top 25 best places in the world to travel
1. Marrakesh in Morocco has become number 1 on the list of the best places…

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Interesting facts about Paris
Paris has always been and will be a city - a dream. Everything is beautiful…

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Why have children better in Miami
Miami was named that way in honor of the Mayaimi Indians living in those parts…


among tourists

Historical places of Crimea

The peninsula of Crimea has always been famous for its beauty. These beauties attract ordinary tourists, as well as mountain travelers. The mountain system of Crimea is one of the most beautiful and difficult to climb. On the territory of the Crimea there are many historical places. Important events took place in these places. On excursions to these historical sites, you can learn a lot of interesting things, for example, what ancient peoples inhabited the Crimean peninsula many years ago. Continue reading

The most beautiful places of Crimea

In search of new experiences, it is not necessary to go to other countries, especially if you are lucky enough to live in Russia. On the territory of our country there are many stunningly beautiful natural sites, cultural and historical attractions. Among all the regions of Russia, the Crimean peninsula is famous for the diversity of its natural landscapes and picturesque landscapes, as well as a large concentration of cultural and historical heritage sites. Many people come here every year, and every time they find something new for themselves. In this compilation, we briefly describe only a few places in the Crimea that will not leave anyone indifferent. Continue reading

Moscow: a selection of unusual, but attractive to visit with children, places

While staying in Moscow with children, many are limited to the standard program, which includes viewing the most famous sights, of which there are many in the capital. But in Moscow there are very unusual places that are ideal for visiting the whole family with children of any age. The selection presented by us will be interesting not only to those who are going to visit Moscow with children, but also to indigenous Muscovites who often do not even know about the many possibilities for interesting leisure and leisure activities in their hometown. Continue reading