Top 10 places to travel in China
Planning a vacation in China, but do not know which places to visit? We offer…

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Top 10 places not known to all in Kiev
Kiev is one of the most amazing cities, because the long history has made a…

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17 wonders of Montenegro
Montenegro is a small Balkan country whose population barely exceeds half a million people. Despite…

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10 best places to visit Italy
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Rating of the best ski resorts in Europe

Practically all people engage in various sports very closely related to travel. For example – alpine skiing, which you can go down from the mountains of different countries. But not everyone can afford to visit other continents. It is for such people that we decided to compile a list of ski resorts in Europe that any athlete should visit.
Les Arcs Panorama
Our ranking is headed by a delightful ski resort located in the French Alps. Here you can watch the most amazing views, tracks for the whole family: from small to great, for beginners and for real athletes. This resort is a premium level. Continue reading