Something interesting about Armenia
Armenia is one of the most ancient states in the world. It is not surprising…

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Top 10 places to travel in China
Planning a vacation in China, but do not know which places to visit? We offer…

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The most amazing places in Japan
The land of the rising sun is a unique combination of various values ​​of antiquity,…

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The most beautiful places of Crimea
In search of new experiences, it is not necessary to go to other countries, especially…


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Interesting places in Nizhny Novgorod

There are city stories that are included in all tourist guides, and which even the one who has never been there knows about. But Nizhny, like any other city, has its own special legends, which will be interesting to know if you like to look at the area from a different angle.
But after exploring the cultural side of the city and its sights, evening leisure can brighten up pleasant pastime with your family or friends in saunas or baths in the city, and this directory of saunas and baths will help you in finding the right one.
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Rare and little-known sights of St. Petersburg

In the cultural capital of Russia there are many streets that are not on any map, the places shrouded in mystery, as well as various architectural monuments, known to all residents of St. Petersburg and Russia as a whole. Today, I would just like to highlight 8 architectural and sculptural masterpieces of the city, which, believe me, not so many people know.
Well, any cultural pastime should correspond and rest in the evening. Therefore, the choice of the hotel must be approached correctly. To rent an apartment in St. Petersburg is better closer to the city center, so that the view from the window would open the city only from the best side, and I can say with confidence that the hotel today is the boutique hotel Zabava on Malaya Monetnaya. Continue reading

Rating of the best ski resorts in Europe

Practically all people engage in various sports very closely related to travel. For example – alpine skiing, which you can go down from the mountains of different countries. But not everyone can afford to visit other continents. It is for such people that we decided to compile a list of ski resorts in Europe that any athlete should visit.
Les Arcs Panorama
Our ranking is headed by a delightful ski resort located in the French Alps. Here you can watch the most amazing views, tracks for the whole family: from small to great, for beginners and for real athletes. This resort is a premium level. Continue reading