Strange and unusual sights of Canada
Canada is a country with unusually beautiful and virgin nature, located in the north of…

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Sights of Pyatigorsk
Let's make a little trip to Pyatigorsk? Sights, photos with descriptions and interesting facts of…

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Interesting facts about Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the most famous Spanish cities, which can easily compete with even…

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The most unusual tours of the world
The modern tourist makes special demands on excursion programs. Just walking around the picturesque corners…


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Rating of the best ski resorts in Europe

Practically all people engage in various sports very closely related to travel. For example – alpine skiing, which you can go down from the mountains of different countries. But not everyone can afford to visit other continents. It is for such people that we decided to compile a list of ski resorts in Europe that any athlete should visit.
Les Arcs Panorama
Our ranking is headed by a delightful ski resort located in the French Alps. Here you can watch the most amazing views, tracks for the whole family: from small to great, for beginners and for real athletes. This resort is a premium level. Continue reading

Interesting facts about the countries of the world

From this article you will learn which of the countries is the most prosperous, the most “kotolyubivaya”, the most provided by the Internet, as well as many other facts from the category of extremes and records.
?one. The hottest place in the world
Interesting facts about the countries of the world
The highest air temperature on the planet in the entire history, which was +56.6 ° C, was recorded in Death Valley National Park on July 10, 1913.?
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Interesting facts about tourism

Each of us at least once in his busy work and everyday life was thinking about traveling. Unhide, meet new people, recharge with new emotions. But we always have a lot of excuses: there is not enough money, there is a catastrophic lack of time, the health is not the same, there is no one to leave children with. And we want to acquaint you with interesting facts about travels that exactly motivate you to go on a journey, at least to another city.
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