11 unusual sights of Nizhny Novgorod
Each city of Russia with its unique history has its own special sights - these…

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Rosa Khutor is the best resort in Russia
Rosa Khutor - resort complex of international class The stunning beauty and diversity of the…

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Sights of Pyatigorsk
Let's make a little trip to Pyatigorsk? Sights, photos with descriptions and interesting facts of…

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Rating of the best ski resorts in Europe
Practically all people engage in various sports very closely related to travel. For example -…


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Rare and little-known sights of St. Petersburg

In the cultural capital of Russia there are many streets that are not on any map, the places shrouded in mystery, as well as various architectural monuments, known to all residents of St. Petersburg and Russia as a whole. Today, I would just like to highlight 8 architectural and sculptural masterpieces of the city, which, believe me, not so many people know.
Well, any cultural pastime should correspond and rest in the evening. Therefore, the choice of the hotel must be approached correctly. To rent an apartment in St. Petersburg is better closer to the city center, so that the view from the window would open the city only from the best side, and I can say with confidence that the hotel today is the boutique hotel Zabava on Malaya Monetnaya. Continue reading

Interesting facts about tourism

Each of us at least once in his busy work and everyday life was thinking about traveling. Unhide, meet new people, recharge with new emotions. But we always have a lot of excuses: there is not enough money, there is a catastrophic lack of time, the health is not the same, there is no one to leave children with. And we want to acquaint you with interesting facts about travels that exactly motivate you to go on a journey, at least to another city.
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Top 10 places not known to all in Kiev

Kiev is one of the most amazing cities, because the long history has made a significant mark. In Kiev, there are many attractions that are known around the world and visited by visitors. But besides this, there are also unknown, but no less beautiful and amazing corners of the Ukrainian capital. These places are not visited by residents of other countries, but because of this they do not become less interesting and sometimes mysterious. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with ten places in Kiev, which you have definitely not heard about. Continue reading