Interesting facts about Sochi
Back in Soviet times, Sochi was one of the most popular resorts among our fellow…

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Interesting facts about Paris
Paris has always been and will be a city - a dream. Everything is beautiful…

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Interesting facts about Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the most famous Spanish cities, which can easily compete with even…

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Rosa Khutor is the best resort in Russia
Rosa Khutor - resort complex of international class The stunning beauty and diversity of the…


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Interesting facts about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a state that does not have a specific territorial affiliation to any continent. This means that most of its territory is in Asia, a smaller part – in Europe. At the same time, Kazakhstan is the ninth in the list of countries of the world by area and belongs to super-large states. But this is only general information, and today I would like to talk about the most unusual facts of this amazing country, if after reading you want to visit Kazakhstan, then first I suggest looking at the catalog of Kazakhstan companies to know in advance where to stop, eat and of course walk. Continue reading

Interesting facts about Kirov

We will continue our journey through Russian cities, today we’ve got a selection of interesting facts about Kirov. Novgorodians in 1174 captured the Mari city of Koksharov and changed its name to Kotelnich. And after seven years, approximately in 1181, they founded their city Vyatka, now Kirov. From all of this it follows that the year 1181 is the year of the foundation of Vyatka, although according to the law, the year of foundation is 1374. Continue reading

Interesting facts about Sochi

Back in Soviet times, Sochi was one of the most popular resorts among our fellow citizens. The Crimean beaches have not lost their significance even in modern times. On the contrary, the tourism business in Sochi is only gaining momentum. The city is becoming more modern, new hotels are being built, infrastructure is developing. But all most people prefer a more relaxing holiday to what is offered by huge hotel complexes, for example, the Cozy Lagoon guest house in Loo, which is near Sochi, offers a family holiday with all the amenities, besides the village has the best Sochi water park, dolphinarium and much more, more on the official website of Loo Cozy Lagoon.
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