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Rare and little-known sights of St. Petersburg

In the cultural capital of Russia there are many streets that are not on any map, the places shrouded in mystery, as well as various architectural monuments, known to all residents of St. Petersburg and Russia as a whole. Today, I would just like to highlight 8 architectural and sculptural masterpieces of the city, which, believe me, not so many people know.
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1. Great Choral Synagogue.
Rare and little-known sights of St. Petersburg
This building is the second largest in Europe. The project worked 4 famous architect under Alexander 2. Construction work ended in 1893.
2. Country house Gromov and Lopukhinsky garden.
On the territory of Lopukhisky garden there is a two-story house, the construction of which is dated 1850. In the past, the cottage looked much richer. There were many working fountains in the garden, a steamboat landing stage was located on the embankment, and a large greenhouse sheltered various exotic plants. The owners of the mansion regularly organized a magnificent celebration for the representatives of Bohemia. But … It was all almost 2 centuries ago. Now the building is abandoned, but still has a very good appearance.
3. Monument to Peter 1 – the carpenter.
Admiralteyskaya Embankment pleases tourists with a monument to Peter the Great, who is building a new ship. According to legend, all the people who came to the monument with requests for employment can count on help.
4. House with towers.
The facade of the building resembles an ancient English castle, decorated with two massive towers. The name is connected with this fact. Previously, the owner of the house was K.I. Rosenstein, who had a hand in construction together with A.E. Belogrudom.
5. Chapel at the grave of St. Xenia.
All residents and guests of the city on the Neva go to this place with leaves on which the desire is written. According to legend, they are executed if we put them in a special place and make 3 circles around the chapel.
6. Sangal garden.
It is located on the site of a former cast-iron plant, and the creation is dated 1853. The idea to create such a garden came up with the German entrepreneur Franz Karlovich San-Galli, who became the king of cast-iron production in Russia.
7. The nose of Major Kovalev.
You could hear about it from the work of the great N.V. Gogol. He is clothed in a greatcoat, stands with a cane and in a top hat. It is very difficult to distinguish the monument from the real St. Petersburg people. The nose is located at the St. Petersburg State University of Philology, right in the center of the stone labyrinth.
8. Siegel Manor.
The building was built in the style of “French Renaissance”. It can not be compared with local buildings, as it clearly stands out from their background. The construction of the house took place back in 1890. The project was created by the architect I.S. Kitner. The material for the construction work made brick and hewn stone. But the owner of the mansion was the Saxon businessman K. B. Zigel