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Interesting facts about Kirov
We will continue our journey through Russian cities, today we’ve got a selection of interesting…


Interesting facts about Kirov

We will continue our journey through Russian cities, today we’ve got a selection of interesting facts about Kirov. Novgorodians in 1174 captured the Mari city of Koksharov and changed its name to Kotelnich. And after seven years, approximately in 1181, they founded their city Vyatka, now Kirov. From all of this it follows that the year 1181 is the year of the foundation of Vyatka, although according to the law, the year of foundation is 1374.
1. The inhabitants of Vyatka (the historical name of Kirov and the Kirov region) are sometimes called Vyatichi, whereas “vyatchane” will be true. After all, historically, the population of the Vyatka land was formed by settlers from the Novgorod land, and the Vyatichi is the name of one of the Slavic tribes who lived on the banks of the Oka.
2. In the entire history of the city was renamed as much as three times. Until 1457 the city was called Vyatka, until 1781 – Hlynov, and after it was called Vyatka again. But in 1934 he was called Kirov. In Kirov, several attempts were made to return the city’s historical name (in 1993, in 1997, and in 2012). Decisive “no” renaming expressed themselves the inhabitants of the city.
3. Before the revolution, there were a large number of temples of magnificent architecture in the city. Most of them were destroyed during the Soviet period. One of the oldest cultural monuments of the city of Kirov is the ensemble of the Assumption Trifonov Monastery, which is located on the embankment of the Vyatka River. In addition, in Kirov, you can visit other attractions, the most famous of them: the Alexander Garden in Kirov, the Church of Christ the All-Savior, the Vyatka Transfiguration Monastery, the Alexander Church.
Interesting facts about Kirov
But besides cultural attractions I can’t say about the place every guest of this city must visit – the open-air restaurant “Grill-bar Stable”, the history of this establishment began in the 19th century, but earlier there was a stable of a wealthy citizen. The owner of the place went quite a risky step, retaining the architectural monument of the city and creating an institution for everyone who wants to eat tasty food.
4. Dymkovo toys have been on Vyatka land for more than four hundred years. This fishery appeared in the Dymkovo settlement and passed from mother to daughter. Also in the city the route of Velikoretsky procession takes its origin. By the way, Kirov also became the fur and peat capital of the country.
5. The main tower of the Kremlin, where the chimes stand – the Spasskaya Tower, as well as one of the limits of the Cathedral of St. Basil, which is opposite the Spasskaya Tower, was named after the Vyatka Icon of the Savior, which came from Khlynov to Moscow by a religious procession in 1647.
6. It is noteworthy that in the Soviet years, Kirov remained
closed to foreigners city. All because of the defense enterprises located in the city, as well as the First Military Biological Institute.
7. In the Kirov region found mineral Volkonskoit. This mineral is extremely rare and is found in only a few places on the globe. Its main deposits are in the Perm Territory. And a little found in Udmurtia and in the Kirov region. And in the region there is the largest in Europe Vyatsko-Kama deposit of phosphorites
8. The flag, which stood on the cruiser Aurora, whose crew was mainly from residents of the Vyatka province, as is known from some sources, was transferred for endless storage to the Kirov Diorama. But after the archive was opened in July 2009, it turned out that there was only a flag from the boat which was handed over by one of the sailors.