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Something interesting about Armenia

Armenia is one of the most ancient states in the world. It is not surprising that Christianity has been practiced here for thousands of years, and Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome.
1. Surprisingly, the national symbol of Armenia, Mount Ararat, is located on the territory of another state – Turkey. She got one peak under the treaties of 1921, the second – under the Turkish-Persian agreement of 1931. Although Masis (as the Armenians call the mountain) is visible in Armenia almost everywhere.
2. The most powerful in its history, Armenia was in the I century BC. e. during the reign of King Tigran II (95-55g.). Tigran II power covered a significant part of the anterior Asia from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea and from the Kura River to Mesopotamia.
3. Armenia has the longest reverse cable car in the world – “Wings of Tatev”. Its length is 5700 m. It passes over the picturesque Vorotan gorge and leads to the masterpiece of Armenian medieval architecture – Tatev Monastery.
4. Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome. This is one of the most ancient capitals in the world. The city was founded in 782 BC. e.
5. Sisters Kardashian, Cher and Charles Aznavour have Armenian roots.
6. The world’s first textbook of arithmetic problems was compiled by the sixth century Armenian scientist and mathematician David the Invincible. A copy of this problem book is kept in the Yerevan Matenadaran.
7. Armenian cognac is the only one in the world that has received the privilege from the French to be called cognac, and not brandy. One of the most loyal fans of Armenian brandy was Winston Churchill. They say he drank a bottle of this sunny drink daily.
8. Chess is a compulsory subject in Armenian schools. It is not surprising that there is the highest concentration of grandmasters per capita.
9. Armenian is the only language in the world in which Bible naming refers directly to God. The Bible in Armenian sounds like “Astatsatshunch”, that is, “God’s Breath.”
10. The Armenian diaspora is 10-12 million people, while the population of Armenia itself is about 3 million inhabitants. Most of all Armenians are in the USA, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Ukraine, France, Syria and Argentina.
11. Armenia is the oldest winery in the world. It was discovered several years ago in the village of Areni. According to experts, wine was produced here more than six thousand years ago.
12. In 2014, Armenian lavash was included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage sites. The list also includes the performance of music on the duduk, the mastery of the creation of Armenian khachkars (stone crosses) and the medieval Armenian epic “David of Sasun.”
13. Armenian Lake Sevan is the largest in the Caucasus. Its area is 1240 km ?, and the depth reaches 80 m.
14. In Armenia at the end of the 20th century a dust tax was introduced. To get rid of excess dust in the yards, the Ministry of Economy decided: “The population should pay the costs of dust removal at the rate of 2 drams ($ 0.0042) per 1 m2.”
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