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10 beautiful resorts of Russia

The vast territory of the Russian Federation, the climatic features of individual regions contribute to the fact that compatriots (and foreign guests) are provided with unique conditions for a pleasant and rewarding holiday. The variety of options is striking, starting with modern, cozy beach resorts, not inferior to European ones, and ending with “exotic” beaches, almost at the end of the world (Arctic Ocean), today we will present only TOP-10 according to our site.
Taman Peninsula, Krasnodar Territory
The peculiarity of the Azov Sea is that it is the smallest on the globe. Due to this bathing is available in the first days of June. The temperature of the water is such that it can be compared with fresh milk. For a family holiday, especially with children, the village of Golubitskaya is ideal. The sandy bottom off the coast is flat, which contributes to the comfort and safety of tourists. Citizens seeking to improve their health during the holidays should use the services of sanatoriums and guesthouses. The establishments function at the Golubitsky lake. The unique therapeutic mud offered here helps to restore the body in the shortest possible time.
Sochi, Krasnodar region
For decades, Sochi rightfully has the status of the main resort city of the Russian Federation. Being the largest cultural and financial center, it is constantly evolving, it has an ideal infrastructure. The interest of compatriots to Sochi has increased many times after the recent Olympics. The city is a unique beautiful modern resort. A varied program of recreation, starting with swimming in the sea and relaxing in the shade of palm trees, ending with skiing and walks in the mountains.
Commander Islands, Kamchatka Territory
Visiting the islands is only available with a light aircraft. Flights are made weekly. Moreover, the flight is possible only in case of favorable weather conditions, which happens infrequently in these parts. However, difficulties are rewarded. The picturesque corner of Kamchatka provides inexpressible emotions, the feeling of being on the real edge of the world.
Lake Baikal, Irkutsk Region
The lake is not only the deepest on Earth. It remains the largest natural reservoir of fresh water on the planet. The width of the reservoir differs significantly in different places. It ranges from 25 to 80 kilometers. For clarity, the area of ​​Baikal can be compared with the territory occupied by Denmark, the Netherlands or Belgium. The beauty of the local nature is impossible to convey in words. This magnificence must be seen with my own eyes!
Lake Baskunchak, Astrakhan region
Due to the unique purity of the salt of the reservoir, it produces about 80% of the total amount throughout the country. In the summer months traditionally observed activity of tourists. Available swimming in rap. Popular mud baths. In the therapeutic air are present in large quantities of phytoncides and bromine. The composition of Baskuncha silt is in no way inferior to the curative mud of the world famous Dead Sea. Vacationers here citizens not only get a lot of positive emotions, but also significantly improve their health and well-being.
Gulf of Finland, Leningrad Region
The perfect combination of relaxation with the restoration of the body. Here, in the middle of coniferous forests, away from the hustle and bustle, you can endlessly enjoy the clean air, tranquility and peace. Great relaxation for body and soul. Near the bay there are numerous resort beaches.
Seidozero, Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region
Saami call an unusual reservoir “Sacred Lake”. With the 8-kilometer-long Seydozer, its width in different places varies between 1.5 and 2.5 km. Stable replenishment of the reservoir is due to the mountain river Elmorajok. From Seydozero flows out the river Saydjavryok. The mysterious image of the mythical giant Kuiva on one of the local rocks is an important, but not the only local landmark. The unique geographical location of the reservoir. The mountains surround it from three sides, being a reliable protection from the harsh winds of the North. Thanks to this “barrier”, Seidozero has become a quiet corner where you can spend hours thinking.
Baltic Spit, Kaliningrad region
On the dry land strip, which is the natural border
between the Gulf of Kaliningrad and the Gdansk Bay, numerous beaches are adjacent to the partially covered with forest dunes. Everywhere there is a special aura of calmness and calmness. A great option for privacy. There are excellent conditions for a comfortable beach holiday.
Lake Kezenoy-Am, Chechen Republic
The largest alpine reservoir on the planet. Travelers at different times by chance described Kezenoy-Am (the second name of Eisen) as the true “pearl of the Caucasus”. With relatively small sizes (2.7 km in the west-east direction and 2 km in the north-south), the lake attracts lovers of unforgettable holidays from all over the country. Kezenoy-Am cannot be considered just a reservoir.