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Sights of the Far East

Mixed oriental culture, amazing virgin nature and the special atmosphere of the “edge of the world” – all this can be found by setting off on a Far Eastern expedition. Every corner of this part of the country is beautiful, but several lives are not enough to study everything, so I suggest using the directory of enterprises in the Far Eastern Federal District – Well, we decided to facilitate your training and chose 10 places that you definitely need to visit.
1. Tyatya Volcano
Sights of the Far East 
Active volcano in the north-east of Kunashir Island. On the one hand it is washed by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, on the other by the Pacific Ocean. It is not possible to determine the exact height, because the edges of the outer somma of the caldera collapse periodically, and the height of the central cone (approximately 340 meters), which grows or, on the contrary, collapses, also changes. The approximate height of the Tyty 1800 meters. By its type – “volcano in the volcano” – Tyatya is similar to Vesuvius, in its beauty it is often compared to Fujiyama. The last major eruption took place in 1973. The path to the volcano is quite complicated, and at best takes three days.
2. Valley of Geysers
The only glade of geysers in Eurasia consists of two dozen hot springs. The valley is located in the deep gorge of the Geisernaya River, on the territory of the Kronotsky Reserve. On the walls of the river canyon there are numerous hot springs, mud pots, small waterfalls and lakes. The territory is difficult to access; guided helicopter tours organized since 1992 bring only a few thousand people a year to the reserve. The Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve and the Valley of Geysers are included in the UNESCO list along with other objects that make up the Kamchatka Volcanoes nomination.
3. Cable-stayed bridges in Vladivostok
The two largest cable-stayed bridges in Vladivostok were built in 2012. Their construction was completed on the eve of the APEC 2012 Summit held on Russky Island. One bridge, later called the Golden Bridge, connects the shores of the Golden Horn Bay and is one of the five largest cable-stayed bridges in the world. The second bridge connects the Russian island with the mainland, it has no official name, but it is often called the “Russian”. The length of its main span 1104 meters listed in the Guinness Book of Records, it is the longest span cable-stayed bridges in the world. The total length of the Russian Bridge is almost 1900 meters, the Golden one is almost 1400 meters.
4. Jack London Lake
The lake is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level among the picturesque mountains in the upper reaches of the Kolyma River. In winter, the lake freezes, in summer the water warms up to only 10-12 degrees. Ice floes often float on the surface until mid-July. The lake is quite narrow, reminiscent of the fjords of Norway. Its maximum depth reaches 50 meters. You can get to one of the most beautiful and exotic lakes in the Far East by a dirt road. The small depression forming the Jack London Lake Natural Park contains many other small picturesque lakes. In the mountainous taiga around the reservoir moose, bears, ermines, squirrels, wolverines are found.
5. Providence Bay
In 1660, during the expedition of Kurbat Ivanov, a picturesque bay was opened on the modern Cape of Chukotka in the Gulf of Anadyr of the Bering Sea. It received its name only two hundred years later, when it became a rescue, it was sent by Providence, the captain of an English vessel, Thomas Moore, who, together with the crew, waited here for a harsh winter. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the bay was a popular wintering place for whalers and merchants. The seaport still exists and develops. In recent years, tourists began to come here, every winter there are dog sledding races. Providence Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Chukotka.
6. Lake Hanka
The pear-shaped lake is located on the border of the Primorsky Territory and the Heilongjiang Province of China. Its length reaches 95 kilometers, the maximum depth of about 10 meters, although the average depth of 1-3 meters. This is the largest freshwater lake in the Far East. The pond was always rich in fish and poultry. In 1990, the Khanka reserve was organized in the water area and adjacent coast. In 1996, the international Russian-Chinese reserve “Lake Khanka” was created. In early summer, when strong winds blow on the lake, popular windsurfer competitions are held here.
7. Amur pillars
The pillars are rocky outcrops of various bizarre forms, located on the top of an eight hundred meter hill. The natural landmark is located in the area of ​​the village Nizhnetambovskoe, about 130 kilometers from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, on the left bank of the Amur River. From the top of the fells open stunning landscapes on the valley of the lower reaches. The height of the pillars varies from 12 to 70 meters. With their forms, they often resemble people and animals, on this occasion, indigenous peoples have legends explaining the appearance of remnants. According to some assertions, they are the remains of an ancient city. Amur pillars attract many climbers.