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Interesting facts about Lviv

The city of Lviv is an ancient settlement with its unique features, traditions and unique charm. One can not only talk about the beauty of this city for several hours, but also write tracts about it. Yet even the treatises are not enough to describe the charm of this city. For each of them, it will look different, so it’s impossible not to fall in love with Lviv from the first meeting. But before you go to the city, you need to know about him as much as possible. This will make the trip more interesting and inspiring.
I can not clarify that traveling around the city is necessary either on foot or in comfort by car, so if you are a tourist and you want to visit Lviv, go to the site and get acquainted with information on car rental in this beautiful city.
Here are the most interesting facts about this city:
1. Lviv is the same city, which at different times was part of various states, such as Ukraine and the USSR, Rzeczpospolitnaya, ZUNR and others;
2. At the end of the last millennium, namely in the 98th year, the city of Lviv officially entered the UNESCO protection zone. This is explained by the fact that Lviv is a cultural center, on whose territory more than 2.5 thousand historical monuments of history and architecture have been collected;
3. The city of Lviv was built in 1256, and King Danilo Galitsky built it as a gift to his son Leo. Just in honor of his son the city was named;
4. Lviv is the official central city for Eastern Europe. It is located 50 kilometers from the border with the Union of Europe. And in the 500 kilometers from the city are Eastern European capitals, such as Budapest, Warsaw and Kiev;
5. Each year, Lviv holds over hundreds of festivals of different nature and direction. Most of these festivals are already established by tradition, and some – local or individual;
6. The most popular and popular festivals from those held on the territory of Lviv are ethno, jazz, food and theater, as well as chocolate, coffee and similar holidays and festivals. Most of them take place in the first month of the year;
7. The city has more than 100 temples (104), representing a variety of religions, ranging from Roman Catholics to Muslims, Jews and Orthodoxy;
8. Another interesting fact is that a kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv. Also Lviv owns such discoveries as the launch of the world’s first balloon and tram, as well as the opening of the first hotel;
9. A monument to Pablo Picasso was erected in the city, and the city was also famous for its original sculptures – a monument to the Chimney Sweep, Smile and sculpture-backpack;
10. The airport in Lviv named after Danylo Galitsky is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. This airport was opened relatively recently – in 2012, six kilometers from the city. A little later, there were works on the construction of the strip for take-off and landing. This allowed the city to take large aircraft liners; In 60 minutes, the airport is able to miss more than 2 thousand citizens;
11. The record for height belongs to the church named after Saints Elizabeth and Olga, located near the railway station. The height of this structure is 88 meters. And from 2014, when the temple was reconstructed, people were able to climb the platform to inspect the surrounding territory and terrain;
12. Lviv is in the documented Guinness Records. For example, it was there that opened the first Museum with Salom, where you can see one of the main exhibits, namely the giant heart-fat, whose height and thickness are 85 and 55 centimeters, respectively;
13. The second record, which belonged to the city, was registered in the winter in 2010, at the Pampouha festival, when people laid out a drawing consisting of 7 thousand buns of various sizes, from 4 to 10 meters;
14. On the territory of the city there is a street that has several names, and its main feature is that the names are added annually;
15. Beginning in 2014, its own know-how, namely a free bicycle generator, appeared in the city. The design is simple – a person sits on a cycle track, pedals and charges his gadgets in this way;
16. Area “Koliivschiny” – the smallest in the city;
17. And one more interesting discovery – not only the world’s first masochist appeared in Lviv, but the very definition of masochism comes from this city. And all thanks to a man named Leopold von Zaher Masoch, who became famous for his extraordinary interests.