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Interesting facts about Paris

Paris has always been and will be a city – a dream. Everything is beautiful and romantic here. There is almost no one in the world to find someone who, even once, did not want to visit this city of art and high fashion at least once. People, cuisine, drinks, catering establishments, motels, squares and parks, theaters, local history – all this is at the highest level in this city. And the architecture impresses with beautiful historic buildings, only Notre – Dame and the Eiffel Tower are worth something!
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1. The foundation of the city happened 2,000 years ago. Only a few centuries after its foundation, he was recognized as one of the leaders in the fashion industry, culture and science.
2. The city of Paris is the capital of the French state. This status was obtained in 508 BC, just imagine how long ago it was. We add that it is the most populous city in France.
3. It is one of the brightest cities on the planet, because with the onset of twilight, billions of multi-colored light bulbs turn on. The panorama is simply amazing.
4. The city is divided into several territories – into several areas.
5. To contain the Eiffel Tower, you have to spend 50 tons of paint every 7 years!
6. In Paris, there is only one stop sign. And it is located at the exit of a high-rise one of the French companies.
7. In Paris, safe sex is promoted, so there are several special devices operating in the city that give out condoms.
8. There are about 200 places in the city, where for 1 euro you can enjoy delicious aromatic espresso.
9. The weight of the main bell at Notre Dame is over 13 tons. Named his beautiful name Emmanuel.
10. The length of the shortest street in France is no more than 5.75 meters. This street is located in the second district, called Rue Des Degres.
11. Disneyland, which is alone in all of Europe, is located near Paris.
12. Do not worry if the locals do not communicate with you in English. Aboriginal people are quite jealous of everything related to the language, they do not like English, so they will have to be patient.
13. What do you think, where did the stripper dance for the first time? It was in Paris, in 1894!
14. When they built the Eiffel Tower, only one person died, and quite by accident – fell from a height.
15. In Paris, temperature limits were recorded on June 28, 1948. Looking at these figures even surprised that it is considered the heat in the city. On the thermometers of residents, the temperature was +40.4 degrees Celsius.
16. At night in the famous Eiffel Tower can not be shooting. Anyone who decides to do this will create a lot of trouble with the law and the police.
17. There are many famous museums visited by tourists in the world. But in Paris is the most visited museum on the planet, it is called the Louvre. Its foundation occurred in 1793.
18. Most shops in Paris start from 9 am to 7 pm. On Sundays, they do not work. On this day, all Parisians rest, spend it romantic and spend time with loved ones, friends and relatives.
19. The oldest Parisian bridge is the medieval construction “Pont Neuf”, which means “New Bridge”. It is considered one of the oldest in all of France. This magnificent architectural structure is considered not only one of the most important symbols of the city, but also the entire country.