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Moscow: a selection of unusual, but attractive to visit with children, places

While staying in Moscow with children, many are limited to the standard program, which includes viewing the most famous sights, of which there are many in the capital. But in Moscow there are very unusual places that are ideal for visiting the whole family with children of any age. The selection presented by us will be interesting not only to those who are going to visit Moscow with children, but also to indigenous Muscovites who often do not even know about the many possibilities for interesting leisure and leisure activities in their hometown. Children’s excursions in Moscow in our article are not presented in the full list, in more detail about where to go in the capital at the link above.
Moscow: a selection of unusual, but attractive to visit with children, places
“Bay the dishes” is a fun attraction that helps to overcome the effects of stress.
The deliberate smashing of dishes in the minds of people is usually associated with the intra-family scandal, high-pressure tap. Meanwhile, psychologists have long noticed that such an action gives way to negative emotions, perfectly relieves tension and negative. A special pavilion, where for moderate it is possible to split several plates, is very popular among visitors of all ages!
Kennel “Northern”
One of the largest kennels in the country, specializing in breeding Husky dogs and preparing them to participate in long-distance team races. It is open to visitors, who are offered an extensive cultural, educational and, at the same time, entertainment program: excursion, dog sledding, participation in children’s competitions and competitions. Here you can purchase a multi-day dog ​​sledding tour.
Museum of Automotive History
The exposition of this museum presents a variety of unique objects and works of art, illustrating all periods of development of both domestic and foreign automotive. Of interest is the unique collection of children’s pedal machines, which were produced in the USSR and have been very popular for several decades. Interactive visits to the “planet of cars” are especially popular.
A unique structure, which is a set of giant aquariums, which contains the most exotic representatives of the fauna from all over the world ocean. Visitors can observe their life and behavior in conditions as close as possible to the natural. The complex is not only a popular holiday destination with Muscovites and guests of the capital, but also an important scientific object.
Park “Extreme”
The leisure center for children and adults, built in 2006, allows you to participate in the most extreme games without any risk to health. A lot of developmental programs, interesting and useful not only for children, but also for parents. The total area of ​​the complex exceeds 4 thousand square meters. km The park is allocated a concert zone, where artists from different directions regularly perform.
“PandaPark” in Fili
The main alley of the park “Fili” rests on a large-scale PandaPark. In addition to the size (the largest in Moscow), it is remarkable because it is the only rope park in the capital, which operates in the winter season. Rope routes are laid at different heights from very small (for beginners) to very serious (20 m from the surface) for experienced extremes.
Dwelling giant
Do you want to feel like a “Gulliver in the Land of Giants” for a long time? Then you – here. Here are collected items of clothing, life and furniture, which fit this giant. A griddle on which you can play football, a can of canned food, the size of a wardrobe, a chair that an ordinary person can climb only with a ladder, etc.