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Where to go in Moscow

Moscow is considered to be one of the most interesting cities in the world. Many museums and parks, creative spaces and unusual sights, culinary delights and many other surprises await you at every turn. Hurry to find out our capital even closer. Grab your family, friends and loved ones and go for impressions, our article will help you in part, but if you decide to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the capital, Moscow’s Moscow catalog of Moscow Infocentr service is ideal for you.
Where to go in Moscow
Park “Museon”
One of the centers of attraction for creative activity of Muscovites is by right the Park of Arts Museon. Memorable holidays and vibrant festivals, art installations and marathons reading artwork, prose and poetry. All this you can find in the magic Museone.
Once on the territory of the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye was a village and the royal residence. Today it is a large park in Moscow, where you can relax from the bustle of the city in the shade of trees. Also here you can find the home of little Peter the Great and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, as well as many temples and churches. In addition, in Kolomna, you can enjoy classical music and become a member of many interactive shows.
Museum “Moscow Lights”
A unique museum in which you can learn about the history of lighting the urban space of the capital from the first days of its existence. You will see examples of ancient torches, trace the history of the development of the lamp business, and also learn the system of adjustment of modern Moscow lighting. It is worth visiting this place together with the children, as the exhibits are given to touch, and the program provides for permanent workshops and trainings.
Moto-cafe “Enthusiast”
If you are crazy about bicycles and motorcycles, then be sure to visit this cafe, which recently opened in Stoleshnikov Lane. Here you will surely carry out a small repair of your “iron horse” and will give some tips on competent operation of the bike and motorcycle technology. And while you eat delicious sandwiches and drink aromatic coffee, you can enjoy the atmospheric interior of the place.
Interactorium “Mars-Tefo”
A unique opportunity to visit the future and at the same time make a trip beyond the limits of the earth. The space station in full-size performance will allow you to feel what it is like to visit Mars.
Bar “Kamchatka”
In the very center of Moscow, opposite the TSUM, there is a very atmospheric Kamchatka bar-club. Here you can plunge into the familiar atmosphere of the dashing nineties. Favorite Soviet films and music, delicious food and drinks, and most importantly – the authentic interior of a Soviet communal flat.
Park “Zaryadie”
On the site of the recently demolished hotel “Moscow”, they built a chic park with a lot of interesting interactive entertainment. This and elegant lawns on which you can relax between walks in the city center. Picturesque forests with many different trees, where you hide from the capital’s sun. A soaring bridge that will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the center of Moscow from a height. Amphitheater, which hosts many educational lectures and wonderful concerts.
Design Center “Artplay”
Love the creative? Visit this place where you will find a lot of modern art in all its forms: a lot of exhibitions, performances, concerts, seminars, lectures, design workshops and architecture.
Space Museum
The conquest of space is a special pride of our country. Here you can learn about all the successes and achievements of the national cosmonautics, see the exhibits of the vehicles that have been outside of our planet and find out what humanity has managed to find out about the distant distances.