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Places in Moscow that may surprise

Many are sure that they know all the remarkable places in Moscow: the Kremlin, Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery, Arbat and a couple of dozen places popular among tourists. But there are also little-known, moreover, very interesting places that will surprise not only the guests of the city, but also the native Muscovites. But you will need time to visit these places, so remove a hotel room from those that kindly provide the service and, slowly, enjoy the amazing architecture of Moscow.
Places in Moscow that may surprise
This is a museum of unusual format. An interactive exhibition devoted to science and the study of natural phenomena and the laws of the universe can be viewed from the closest possible distance. The exhibits are even allowed to touch, and any visitor can try himself as an experimenter and take part in some kind of experience. In addition, there are often various shows devoted to science.
This is an underground museum, which is a real bunker in the center of the capital at a depth of 65 meters. It is dedicated to the cold war. However, there is the deepest restaurant in Russia, decorated according to the style of the USSR. In addition to the museum exhibition and dinner in the atmosphere of another era, you can participate in interactive, which means games with the appropriate atmosphere and light shows.
Moscow City
This is a business center, also open to visitors. Architects from all over Russia took part in creating his project. Inside there is everything that a modern person needs: a business center, marketplaces, apartments for rent, restaurants. Among the tourists, the observation deck is very popular.
This is the largest planetarium in Europe, which not only allows you to explore space, but also to approach it as close as possible: you can even touch a piece of meteorite with your hands. Visitors are also invited to participate in various scientific experiments related to astronautics.
Pharmaceutical garden
In fact, this is a piece of the tropics in the center of the capital. This is a green area where you can find exotic plants and fruits, turtles and much more, which will especially amaze the city dweller.
Roman catholic cathedral
The building was built in the Neo-Gothic style. It is recognized as the largest architectural monument in the country. Inside are often held charity concerts of organ music, as well as various youth meetings.
Sandunovsky baths
This is the largest bath complex in Moscow. He gained particular fame after the release of the film “The Irony of Fate,” part of which was filmed here. Currently, the original interior is preserved. Laundry and beauty services are also offered. There is a restaurant.
Tea House on Butcher
This is a project of the famous architect Roman Ivanovich Klein: a building in the Chinese style, decorated with dragons and stucco lanterns, umbrellas on the facade.
Picturesque bridge
This is a unique bridge, surprising even foreign tourists. This is an unusual combination of modern technology and unique performance. There are no similar phenomena in the world.
Torn house
Initially, it was an ordinary residential building where a bomb fell during the war, destroying its central part. Because of the historical value of the building, its remains were not demolished, but reconstructed, receiving one of two non-touching parts.
Pool “Seagull”
This is an open-air swimming pool where you can swim even in winter. The water in the cold season remains warm, and because of the temperature difference, steam curls over it, which looks pretty impressive.
Longest house
This building reaches 736 meters in length, and on each side there are 236 windows per floor.
Love tree
This is a monument dedicated to love. It reaches three meters in height, but it looks easy, weightless and very original.