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10 best places to visit Italy

Many famous artists and outstanding scientists were born and raised in Italy. A huge number of monuments of this particular country is listed in the UNESCO list. Incredible beauty country. It is characterized by amazing landscapes and unique buildings that impress citizens. But when traveling around this beautiful country or in other European countries, we should not forget about our relatives, who are bored and are waiting for you in their homeland. For these cases, so that communication with relatives is not so expensive, it is worth using the Internet tariff for Italy – Orange Mundo from Orange.
Valley of the Temples of Sicily
10 best places to visit Italy
In Sicily, in the province of Agrigento, you can visit the unique Italian landmark, which is called the “Valley of the Temples”. This place occupies a large area. The excavation site, on the territory of which, one can find a large number of remains of prehistoric monuments, some of which have been preserved in decent form until now. The place is on the World Heritage List.
Cinque terre
This is a park located in Liguria. One of the most clean and well-kept in Italy. The object is listed by UNESCO. It consists of five small fabulous picturesque towns. They are located along the sea rocky coast. The park attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy these landscapes.
Uffizi Gallery in Florence
This is a significant museum in Italy, one of the oldest objects in Europe. This is the most visited museum. It contains most of the rare works of famous Italian artists.
Almost the oldest, famous, unique object in Italy. A place where, even in the Middle Ages, people with great pleasure watched bloody battles with pleasure. Where people played in the theater. Where listened to the instructions of the ruler, where the most significant events of ancient times took place. Now it is a unique landmark located in Rome. One of the most famous architectural sites in the world.
Dungeon City Sassi di Matera
Small town inside rocky terrain. The object is located under the scorching Mediterranean sun. This is a large area of ​​an old cave dwelling, preserved to this day, but already as a museum piece. Here is a large number of caves, located in the form of a large two-story labyrinth.
Antique Pompeii
Back in 79 BC, the ancient city of Pompeii was buried under a three-meter layer of ash. Now it is an old and beautifully preserved landmark, which is open to tourists. The complex is located a few dozen kilometers from Naples.
Amalfi and Poberezhie
Seeing this place from afar, you can already feel a sense of delight. Amalfi consists of sixteen settlements. Each town has its own history of origin and its own tradition. Small colored houses are located on the rocks of several floors. It looks beautiful, bright and positive. This is a heavenly place for a vacation. The entire complex is located over 40 km of the Mediterranean coast.
Sienna. Historical Center
In Siena, each building was designed and built in such a way that it looked like the others. Their architectural style must be the same, and architectural elements to remind of each other. In general, this city is isolated. Each building complements the other. Once here, you might think that this is a different world, but everyone will find for themselves exactly what will win his heart.
This is a separate state. But you can get here only through Rome. This is the smallest state in the world. Within the state there are mainly palaces, galleries, gardens. Tourists come from all over the world every year to admire local architectural landmarks and receive a papal blessing. Many buildings here are built according to the drawings of the great Italian creators.
Basilica of St. Mark
This place was chosen for the burial of St. Mark the Evangelist. It is the most important symbol of Venice. The temple is made in the old Byzantine style, which has reached almost unchanged to this day. This is a religious building, which surprises with its uniqueness and safety. The temple is located on the Piazza San Marco. It is worth seeing this place, a trace in memory will remain forever.