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Unusual places of Italy

Many tourists are sure that they are going to Italy for the opportunity to have a great rest on luxurious beaches, to touch the history. And this is undoubtedly true, because in Italy the largest number of architectural monuments is concentrated. In the article we will tell how you can look at Italy differently:
Thanks to this article, you will definitely want to visit Italy, and the most profitable in this case will be tours to Italy with early booking. as this is a great savings that will be useful in this magical country.
1. Active volcano Vesuvius, southern Italy
Unusual places of Italy
It is the only one of its kind active volcano, which is located in Europe. By the way, the volcano to this day carries a threat to humanity. Not without reason, not far from the volcano there is an experimental laboratory that investigates its activity. Surprisingly, there is even the opportunity to look into the mouth of an active volcano with the help of the funicular.
2. Mystical Garden of Prisoners
As a result of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius killed a huge number of local residents. After many hundreds of years, scientists and archaeologists have found petrified statues of people. They tried to escape from the oncoming lava, and froze in that position. This place was called the Garden of Prisoners. Today, anyone can see 13 statues of the dead of that terrible day with their own eyes.
3. Valley of Aosta
Many travelers do not remember that in Italy there are their own Alpine mountains. And this is in vain, because the amazing landscapes are located precisely in the Alps. Aosta is the least populated region of Italy. This is where fans of the ski resort, lovers of delicious Italian cuisine can go. Here are great hotels at a more than affordable price.
4. South Tyrol
Here the locals are more of a mentality for Germany than for Italy. People here communicate only in German. This area is famous for amazing views and clean air. Real expanse for fans of winter sports.
5. Lake Como, north of Italy
It is a favorite vacation spot for both locals and travelers. It is not surprising, because the lake has an impressive scale (145 sq. Km.), Around it are striking natural landscapes of the Alpine mountains. On the coast are amazing little town in Italy.
6. Sirmione Hot Springs
Sources have healing properties. After all, they contain sulfuric water and therapeutic mud. It is amazing that in this place it will be possible to combine business with pleasure. The best place to improve your health and recharge yourself with real natural energy. Local residents often rest here, who really know a lot about the healing properties of hot springs.
7. Frasassi gorge
The best time to travel is autumn. An amazing journey through the cave valley will take 75 minutes, but during this time you will receive a lot of positive emotions that will not leave anyone indifferent. In the passages of the gorge there are various stairs and winding climbs. This holiday will love outdoor activities. The place is a must to visit. This is evidenced by the many enthusiastic reviews of tourists who are fortunate enough to visit the gorge Frasassi.
8. Blue Grotto, located on the island of Capri
People who appreciate amazing natural phenomena will definitely want to see this place. It is famous for its extraordinary beauty and is truly a landmark of Italy. This is the business card of the island of Capri. Moreover, even world sources regard the Blue Grotto as the most beautiful place that you must visit.
9. Trulli Alberobello
For some unknown reason, this amazing place is rarely mentioned. And it is in vain, because the Trulli are extraordinary houses that were built without a single gram of cement.
10. Lamborghini and Ferrari Museums
These museums are located in the area of ​​Bologna. Rare exclusive car models are concentrated there, and in addition to the excursion you can go to the factory producing legendary cars. True Ferrari fans will be able to perform a test drive on a sports car. This entertainment will surprise both the child and the adult. After all, not every day you manage to sit behind the wheel of a beautiful sports car.