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The most amazing places in Japan

The land of the rising sun is a unique combination of various values ​​of antiquity, honored age-old holy of holies and progressive methods. The Japanese are trembling with their vulgarity, while not stopping and not looking back, they go to meet the future, possessing unique natural phenomena and creative property. Tourists are attracted by the originality and mystery of Japan, the ultra-modern capital and the inimitable volcano Fuji, phenomenal temples and pagodas. Having been here, you will never be able to forget the beauties seen, which have given you unforgettable emotions.
The most amazing places in Japan
We offer a small informative excursion to this amazing country, which is sure to be the beginning of your journey, which can be realized in real life.
1.Fuji Hakone Izu
Nature lovers will enjoy the people’s park with cute excursions, they will surprise you with hot springs, Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi. Hit the ancient ruins of Mount Kintoki. Izu Islands, surrounded by the ocean – a great place to spend holidays.
2. Bamboo Forest Sagano
Many places on our planet that I would like to see, in Japan, you need to visit places that are worth hearing. One of these places is a beautiful bamboo grove, created by the monarch. The peculiar sounds of the plant are soothing and relaxing. A pacified melody will help to realize the grandiose content of the most ancient Zen philosophy, which consists in the ability to accept what is given by life.
3. Castle White Egrets
The majestic and at the same time refined Himeji Castle is proof that a building perfect from a defensive point of view can be no less perfect from the architectural side. A special feature of this building is the tile roof, each tile of which is decorated with the coat of arms of the family, which owned the castle at different times. By the way, each owner considered it his duty to correct the ensemble of architecture he inherited. The roof is crowned with an unusual fish – a magical talisman of configuration from fire. And he justified himself – during the years of the Second World War, the town, which lies at its foot, was completely destroyed. And the castle stands unharmed and continues to fascinate tourists with elegance.
4. Blooming phlox
In Japan, spring is famous for its Shiba-Zuku flowers. Every year at this time there is a festival of Fuji Shibazakura. Dense carpet, iridescent with incredible shades of pink, purple and white color, charming on a green background of the surrounding nature. And the contrast with the sacred mountain is incredible. Forget such a sight is simply impossible.
5. Fushimi Inari Taisha
This Zionist sanctuary is one of the many holy places of the god of rice Inari. Around the temple are statues of foxes, who are the messengers of God. Place, one of the most popular in Kyoto and loved by tourists. Attracts views of the temple and thousands of torii gates. Fascinates the color of cinnabar, which painted the gate.
6.Natadera in winter
The temple, repeatedly rebuilt over over a thousand years, is beautiful and unique. However, only covered with snow, conveys the spirit of purity and the search for this holy place. The shrine was built by a Buddhist monk who repeatedly visited the nearby mountain, looking for a goddess.
7. Seigantodoji Pagoda
The unique ensemble of one hundred and thirteen meters waterfall and Seigantoji. There are various services and rituals in this temple. Awesome combination of ancient history and amazing landscapes.
8.Tacket Bamboo Lantern Festival
The Japanese have always used this grass in the construction, used in food, used in various crafts. Because of his rapid growth, able to fill any free space, he fell out of favor with farmers. Residents of the town, combine business with a useful, original way to solve the bamboo problem. It is cut into pieces, different in size, inserted into the candle and arrange the design throughout the city. In the evening they are lit, and the city turns into a starry sky.
9. Luminous squids
Amazing creature can be found in Toyama Bay. It hides from human eyes at great depths. On the surface of the reservoir squid – firefly appears in the spring, and then a miracle occurs. The fact is that the body of these mollusks is capable of generating extremely bright blue light. During the day it is the usual squids, but at night tourists become witnesses of an unusual optical show. In no corner of the world you will see the sea glittering in ultramarine.
It is impossible to tell about all the unique places of such a peculiar country like Japan. It is better to be here, see everything with your own eyes and hear with your own ears. Experts advise:
– admire the sunrise from the top of the sacred mountain;
– inhale the aroma of blossoming Japanese cherry;
– visit the museum of the latest technologies and chat with the robot ASIMO;
– if possible, purchase electronics at Akihabara;
– definitely spend one night in a capsule in a unique hotel.