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Interesting facts about tourism

Each of us at least once in his busy work and everyday life was thinking about traveling. Unhide, meet new people, recharge with new emotions. But we always have a lot of excuses: there is not enough money, there is a catastrophic lack of time, the health is not the same, there is no one to leave children with. And we want to acquaint you with interesting facts about travels that exactly motivate you to go on a journey, at least to another city.
Interesting facts about tourism
I hope, reading the article, you will be charged with the spirit of travel.
– Doctors have proven that the risk of heart attack among traveling people is less than that of non-travelers. This is due to a change in the type of activity: the body rests from routine work, mood improves, the negative effects on the body of stress disappear. And yet, it is statistically proven that after a vacation, workers become more creative in their work. So if you are tired or got into a creative crisis, feel free to pack your bags.
– Travelers say that the same dish in a restaurant on the ground and in an airplane has a different taste. It is our body that reacts to an unusual environment for it during takeoff and during the flight itself, rearranging the taste buds. So run to the airport for tickets. It’s time to check whether this is true.
– At the moment while you are reading this article, 61 thousand people are flying in the sky over the USA. This is the average number of air transport passengers at any moment of any day.
– The money you spend on travel will make you much happier than if you bought yourself a new dress. This is due to the fact that the joy of buying things short-term, and emotions from traveling relieve stress much more efficiently.
– On the white strip, which the aircraft leaves in the sky, we can predict the weather. The wider the band, the greater the humidity of the air above the ground. hence the probability of precipitation increases.
– In the USA, every eighth vacancy is related to work on foreign business trips. This is not surprising, since as many as 600 airlines are registered in the USA.
– The largest number of time zones can be crossed by crossing France by plane. There are as many as 12 of them!
– The highest mountain in the world, Everest (Chomolungma) continues to grow due to the movement of continents! Yes, and at a rate of 4 cm per year. What is not a reason to conquer this mountain, and then brag about everything that we visited at the highest point on the planet, and even 4 centimeters higher than your friend a year ago.
– Mexico City, every year it descends to the World Ocean by 10 cm. It is 10 times faster than Venice. This is due to the “softness” of the lithospheric plates on which the city is located, and the pace of construction is only gaining momentum. So have a look at Mexico City before it turns into Venice in Mexico.