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Interesting facts about the countries of the world

From this article you will learn which of the countries is the most prosperous, the most “kotolyubivaya”, the most provided by the Internet, as well as many other facts from the category of extremes and records.
?one. The hottest place in the world
Interesting facts about the countries of the world
The highest air temperature on the planet in the entire history, which was +56.6 ° C, was recorded in Death Valley National Park on July 10, 1913.?
? 2. The coldest place in the world
At the top of the Polar Plateau in Antarctica, the temperature can drop to a minimum of – at 92.7 ° C, noted in August 2010.?
? 3. The city with the largest population
Shanghai holds the title of the most populous city in the world thanks to its 24 150 000 permanent residents.
?four. The city with the smallest population
Being a residence for only 842 citizens, the city-state of the Vatican is also recognized as the smallest city and the smallest state in the world.
?five. The most wealthy and wealthy city?
This tower could well have been made of real gold, since Tokyo can afford it? Allow: the city’s GDP is 1520 billion (in this ranking, New York ranks only $ 310 billion as the second GDP).
? 6. The poorest city?
In the poorest country – the Democratic Republic of the Congo – is probably the most destitute city in the world – Kinshasa. State GDP is only 55 billion? Dollars, and residents of the capital live on less than $ 1 a day.?
? 7. Highest point of the world
The peak of Mount Everest, rising to 8,839 meters, is the highest place in nature, which can be touched with a hand on our planet.
?eight. The deepest point of the world
The maximum depth known to modern humanity is noted at 10,668 meters below sea level at the point of the Mariana Trench called the Challenger Abyss. ?
?9. Most photographed place
Now, thanks to detailed photographic maps, ubiquitous video surveillance and cameras installed on almost any device, we can see the majority of landscapes on Earth with the utmost meticulousness. What place is the leader in the number of available images? This is the Guggenheim Museum in New York.?
?ten. The wettest place on the planet
Indian village Mousinram annually takes up to 11,900 mm of rain. “Wet”? The record of this place was 25,400 mm of rain that fell in 1985.?
?eleven. The driest place on the planet
The South American Atacama Desert, without any doubt, is the driest place on Earth. Its sands, spread over 965 km, receive an average of 101 mm of precipitation over a thousand years ?? (that’s right, you were not mistaken!). ?
?12. The sunniest place on the planet
In Yuma, Arizona, the sun shines an average of at least 11 hours a day. In 90% of local forecasts, the weather is clear, which implies an average of 4015 hours of natural lighting per year.
?13. The city where the most expensive to live
Singapore in 2014 removed Tokyo from the pedestal of the “most expensive city”. Cars in the city of champion for the high cost can cost 4-6 times more expensive than the same brand in the markets of the United States or the UK.
?14. City where it is cheaper to live
According to the 2014 World Cost of Living Index, the Indian city of Mumbai is the cheapest place to stay. To make the scale clearer, imagine a simple loaf of bread: in Singapore it will cost $ 3.36, and in Mumbai – only 91? Cent.?
?15. The country that consumes the most food
Perhaps the fact that the average representative of US residents absorbs about 3,770 calories per day can in some way explain their reputation as the world’s largest? A glutton?
?sixteen. The oldest city in the world
The definition of the oldest city in the world is a topic that gives rise to many disputes, since historians do not agree on whether it is important to take into account the habitability of ancient settlements over the centuries. So far, as a compromise solution, Damascus in Syria, which has been in existence for more than 11 thousand years, has been recognized as the major survivor.
? 17. The youngest state
The people of South Sudan received official recognition of their independent state in 2011, which makes this country the youngest at the moment. ?
?18. Most visited city
After several years of competition with Bangkok, London won the title of center of international tourism. More than 18 million tourists annually enrich the treasury of Britain by about $ 19 billion.
?nineteen. Most popular country
According to the results of the BBC service survey, Germany came out on top by the number of? Positive reviews about it from people from all over the world (59% positive comments).?
?20. Most unpopular country
In the BBC ranking mentioned above, Iran ranks at the bottom of the list, gaining more than 59% of negative reviews. Only 15% of respondents rated this state positively.?