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What to see in Ryazan?

Ryazan is one of the oldest cities in Central Russia. It is believed that a populous settlement existed here from the XII century, and the first stone churches appeared in the XIV-XV centuries. The Ryazan Kremlin is an ancient fortress and one of the main attractions of the city is an open-air museum with ancient temples and a princely courtyard.
No less interesting are the picturesque museums-estates of the famous natives of the Ryazan land: the poet S. A. Yesenin and the academician I. P. Pavlov. Also, tourists are sure to enjoy the magnificent gothic building of the stud and the fabulous estate of the von Derviz family, as if transferred to Ryazan from the expanses of Austria-Hungary. The Museum of the History of the Airborne Forces and the city art gallery deserve particular attention, where unknown masterpieces of famous Russian artists are kept. And after the cultural program in the city, you will be greeted with open doors in the entertainment center of Ryazan.
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1. Ryazan Kremlin
What to see in Ryazan? 20 main attractions of Ryazan and its surroundings
The Museum-Reserve, located on the territory of the former fortress between the rivers Lybed and Trubezh. It is one of the oldest in Russia since it was organized in 1884. The construction of stone fortifications in Pereyaslavl-Ryazan (modern Ryazan) began in the XV century. Around the same time, the Assumption and the Nativity Cathedrals appeared. Once there were three monasteries on the territory of the Kremlin. The main building was erected in the XVII century and survived to our days.
2. Assumption Cathedral
The temple was built at the end of the 17th century by the project of the then famous architect Ya. G. Bukhvostova in the style of Naryshkin baroque. Today experts consider the building to be one of the most significant representatives of this manner. Inside is a magnificent 27-meter iconostasis, consisting of 7 tiers and decorated with skilful stone carvings – a real masterpiece of decorative art.
3. The Nativity Cathedral
Ryazan Cathedral, the first stone building on the territory of the Kremlin. It is believed that they began to build it in the XIV century when Oleg Ryazan. The temple was repeatedly rebuilt, since from 1522 each hierarch sought to bring something of his own to its architectural appearance. The construction of the XIX century in classical style reached our days. Several princes are buried inside. The cathedral was visited by many Russian emperors.
4. Savior Transfiguration Monastery
Male cloister of the XIII (XIV) century, founded by Prince Oleg of Ryazan. Up to the middle of the XVII century, all the buildings of the monastery were wooden, only in 1640 they built the first stone church. In 1647, a devastating fire destroyed almost the entire complex. The cloister did not function during the Soviet period. Only in 1996, it was returned to the ROC. Monastic life was completely renewed here in 2005.
5. Palace of Oleg
An architectural monument of the XVII-XIX centuries, located on the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin. Until the 16th century, the prince’s court with the bishops’ chambers was located here. The building is made of stone and has three floors, where cells, living rooms, utility rooms, and house churches were previously located. Today the building is fully occupied by expositions where collections of the museum-reserve are displayed.
6. Glebov Bridge and the Cathedral Bell Tower
The Gleb Bridge of the 15th century connects the Ryazan Kremlin with the Cathedral Park. In the past, he served as a defensive function, and during a siege he rose above the moat so that the enemy could not penetrate the fortress. The cathedral bell tower was erected in  real masterpiece in 1797-1840 according to the designs of various architects. The height of the building is more than 80 meters, which makes it one of the largest in Russia. The tower was built in a strict classical style.
7. Cathedral Square
The square is located in the historical center of Ryazan. Previously, it was called Ilinskaya and Soviet. In the XVIII century, according to a new development plan, it was decided to make it the administrative center of the city. The architectural ensemble includes the former building of the provincial office, the youth theater, located in the construction of the XIX century, the park and a monument to Prince Oleg Ryazan, established in 2007. The sculpture was created by the famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.
8. Cathedral Park
A city square near the Kremlin, where city dwellers like to walk in the shade of trees. This place is an independent landmark, as there are several interesting historical sites here: the Transfiguration Church of the Savior on Yar, the Ilyinsky Cathedral, the monument to S. Yesenin, the chapel of the 900th anniversary of Ryazan and a couple of obelisks. The main avenue of the park begins at the picturesque stone rotunda.
9. Church of the Savior on Yar
The Church of the Savior on Yar is one of the oldest in the city – the first information about it dates back to 1626. In architectural terms, the building is a five-domed church. After the Revolution of 1917, it was ravaged and closed, and later in the building was a DOSAAF school.