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The five best districts of Barcelona

Known for its pride, narcissism and explosive temperament that can amaze and make you fall in love with yourself, Barcelona, ​​as before, remains one of the most beautiful cities not only on the European continent, but throughout the world. If you ask a Muscovite, which, in his opinion, Moscow lacks, then most likely a resident of the Russian capital will complain about the absence of the sea. So, Barcelona, ​​in fact, is Moscow, which has a sea. The city is divided into twenty-seven districts, and in this article we will try to tell you about the advantages of the five best ones. And on the pages of the site we offer you to familiarize yourself with the proposals for long-term rental apartments in Barcelona.
This area is the most popular of all areas of the city. Staying in it, you get a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic Catalan environment. There are a large number of restaurants and cozy bars, in the district there are many designer shops and small shops. One of the significant advantages of Gracia is the price of local housing, which will cost the traveler much cheaper than accommodation rented in the center of Barcelona, ​​and the footage will be higher. As a residence option Gracia is ideal for tourists who wish to stay for some time in an authentic Barcelona area.
The five best districts of Barcelona
This is a rather old area, previously formerly predominantly industrial, but over time turned into a zone of skyscrapers and beaches. Its main street – Rambla Poblenou, will allow the tourist to enjoy a peculiar mixture of different cultures, thereby leaving an imprint of multiculturalism on the whole area. Futurism prevails in the architecture of the area, Poblenou is rapidly built up, but all the landmark architectural monuments, for example, the Museum of Music, remain unchanged.
Another very popular district of Barcelona, ​​which became such relatively recently – in the 1990s. Born is replete with narrow streets, in the area there are a large number of restaurants and shops, as well as other places of interest to the tourist. Thanks to its close connection with the historical center of Barcelona, ​​the traveler will be able to quickly get on foot from Born to any other urban area.
Sarri Sant Gervasi
The area is a fairly quiet residential area, located in the upper part of the city. Like Gracia, already mentioned above, Sarri Sant Gervasi plunges the tourist into the atmosphere of authentic Barcelona. There are many parks, gardens and other green areas, and the architecture of the area is distinguished by the rigor and elegance inherent in the London style. In addition, the area has excellent transport links, which will allow you to get to the center of Barcelona in the shortest possible time by public transport.
Eshample gained wide popularity thanks to a large number of tourist attractions located on its territory, for example, structures built by the architect A. Gaudi. In the middle of the 19th century, urbanist I. Serd seriously took up the issue of the expansion of the city, and his work bore fruit, which are visible to this day. The area is characterized by the predominance of modern architecture with its perfectly square-aligned streets.