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Interesting facts about Sochi

Back in Soviet times, Sochi was one of the most popular resorts among our fellow citizens. The Crimean beaches have not lost their significance even in modern times. On the contrary, the tourism business in Sochi is only gaining momentum. The city is becoming more modern, new hotels are being built, infrastructure is developing. But all most people prefer a more relaxing holiday to what is offered by huge hotel complexes, for example, the Cozy Lagoon guest house in Loo, which is near Sochi, offers a family holiday with all the amenities, besides the village has the best Sochi water park, dolphinarium and much more, more on the official website of Loo Cozy Lagoon.
Interesting facts about Sochi
Sochi received recognition not only in our country, but also abroad. This can be said at least that he was chosen among the many applications for the 2014 Olympic Games. However, the city is famous not only for its present. In its history there are also many interesting and little-known events. We will tell about them in more detail.
On the site of the city discovered the parking of ancient people, its approximate age of 300 thousand years
Scientists, based on archaeological findings, concluded that for the first time people appeared on the territory now occupied by Sochi, about 300-400 thousand years ago. Most likely, for their penetration into the territory of the peninsula, they chose a land route that passes through Colchis. The reason that prompted the ancient people to such a relocation, often referred to as global cooling. The finds, which allowed to learn about the appearance of ancient people in the area corresponding to modern Sochi, were found in the caves of Akhshtyrskaya and Vorontsovskaya. Now both of these historic sites are open to tourists.
Earlier in Sochi lived cannibals
The Achaeans and Geniohs, who lived in the territory where Sochi was later built, ate human flesh. And in order to replenish stocks of “food” – they caught the Greeks on the coast and ate them. Therefore, the ancient Greeks did not like the Black Sea, were afraid of him and called him inhospitable.
The city began with the fort “Alexandria”
The founding date can be considered the year 1838. It was then that, in order to fight smugglers and slave traders, Major General A. M. Simborsky laid the fort, named by him Alexandria, in honor of the wife of Nicholas I who ruled at that time.
As a resort city, Sochi began to develop at the beginning of the last century.
After the Caucasian War was completed at the end of the 19th century, the aborigines of the peninsula, the Circassians and the Abazins, were forced to relocate. They were replaced by Russians and Ukrainians, as well as Georgians, Greeks and a number of other nationalities.
This led to the fact that after a couple of decades, the city became known in Russia as a resort. Among wealthy Russians, the acquisition of summer houses on the territory of Sochi became popular, and the construction of hotels was also developing. For more successful development of the coast, special studies were conducted.
The official date of foundation of the city is considered to be 1909, when the Caucasian Riviera resort complex was opened, which was originally planned to be as comfortable and prestigious as possible.
The city was named after the Byzantine denomination of the peoples living here.
One of the versions of the appearance of the name of the city says that it comes from the word “sahi” or “sachi”. That is how the Byzantine inhabitants called the aborigines. Later, by the name of the nationality, they also began to name the territory where she lived. The first mention of it was recorded in the XVII century.
Sochi received city status only in 1917
After the October Revolution, the war of unrest swept across the entire Russian Empire. She did not bypass the side and Sochi. The city constantly passed under the authority of the Red Army, or Denikin, and in 1918 it was captured by Georgian troops. They could only bring him back in 1918-1919, thanks to Denikin’s actions.
The length of Sochi is the first in Russia and the second in the world (Mexico City comes first)
The total length of the city is 145 km. This is the highest result among Russian subjects and the second indicator, if we take the whole world. The world leader has a length of 200 km. It is the capital of Mexico.
The city stands on the mountains
Sochi is built in mountainous terrain. The average distance from the mountain ranges to the coast is 40 km. The height of the mountains in the city is 2800-3700 m.
It was in Sochi where Prometheus was executed.
According to the legends of the local people, it was in the Sochi mountains that one of the ancient Greek mythical tragedies took place. For helping people angry Zeus the Thunderer chained Prometheus to Eagle Rocks, so that the eagle would torment his liver.
The only tea plantations in the Russian Federation
In Dagomys there are tea plantations. Two remarkable facts are connected with them: firstly, in Russia these plantations are the only ones, secondly they are closer to the north, all the rest.