Interesting facts about Sochi
Back in Soviet times, Sochi was one of the most popular resorts among our fellow…

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Interesting facts about Kirov
We will continue our journey through Russian cities, today we’ve got a selection of interesting…

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The most amazing places in Japan
The land of the rising sun is a unique combination of various values ​​of antiquity,…

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Interesting facts about Lviv
The city of Lviv is an ancient settlement with its unique features, traditions and unique…


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Interesting facts about Sochi

Back in Soviet times, Sochi was one of the most popular resorts among our fellow citizens. The Crimean beaches have not lost their significance even in modern times. On the contrary, the tourism business in Sochi is only gaining momentum. The city is becoming more modern, new hotels are being built, infrastructure is developing. But all most people prefer a more relaxing holiday to what is offered by huge hotel complexes, for example, the Cozy Lagoon guest house in Loo, which is near Sochi, offers a family holiday with all the amenities, besides the village has the best Sochi water park, dolphinarium and much more, more on the official website of Loo Cozy Lagoon.
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Historical places of Crimea

The peninsula of Crimea has always been famous for its beauty. These beauties attract ordinary tourists, as well as mountain travelers. The mountain system of Crimea is one of the most beautiful and difficult to climb. On the territory of the Crimea there are many historical places. Important events took place in these places. On excursions to these historical sites, you can learn a lot of interesting things, for example, what ancient peoples inhabited the Crimean peninsula many years ago. Continue reading

What to see in Ryazan?

Ryazan is one of the oldest cities in Central Russia. It is believed that a populous settlement existed here from the XII century, and the first stone churches appeared in the XIV-XV centuries. The Ryazan Kremlin is an ancient fortress and one of the main attractions of the city is an open-air museum with ancient temples and a princely courtyard.
No less interesting are the picturesque museums-estates of the famous natives of the Ryazan land: the poet S. A. Yesenin and the academician I. P. Pavlov. Also, tourists are sure to enjoy the magnificent gothic building of the stud and the fabulous estate of the von Derviz family, as if transferred to Ryazan from the expanses of Austria-Hungary. Continue reading

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