Why have children better in Miami
Miami was named that way in honor of the Mayaimi Indians living in those parts…

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Interesting facts about Estonia
Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, most of which has been occupied. Many centuries…

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10 best places to visit Italy
Many famous artists and outstanding scientists were born and raised in Italy. A huge number…

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Interesting facts about Peter
May be surprised, but St. Petersburg is a relatively young city. He is only about…



Interesting facts about Paris

Paris has always been and will be a city – a dream. Everything is beautiful and romantic here. There is almost no one in the world to find someone who, even once, did not want to visit this city of art and high fashion at least once. People, cuisine, drinks, catering establishments, motels, squares and parks, theaters, local history – all this is at the highest level in this city. And the architecture impresses with beautiful historic buildings, only Notre – Dame and the Eiffel Tower are worth something! Continue reading

Interesting facts about the countries of the world

From this article you will learn which of the countries is the most prosperous, the most “kotolyubivaya”, the most provided by the Internet, as well as many other facts from the category of extremes and records.
?one. The hottest place in the world
Interesting facts about the countries of the world
The highest air temperature on the planet in the entire history, which was +56.6 ° C, was recorded in Death Valley National Park on July 10, 1913.?
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Interesting facts about tourism

Each of us at least once in his busy work and everyday life was thinking about traveling. Unhide, meet new people, recharge with new emotions. But we always have a lot of excuses: there is not enough money, there is a catastrophic lack of time, the health is not the same, there is no one to leave children with. And we want to acquaint you with interesting facts about travels that exactly motivate you to go on a journey, at least to another city.
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