The most interesting castles of the Loire Valley, France
England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France - in all these countries there are…

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Sights of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan is a bright colorful country where European and Asian cultures are closely intertwined. It…

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Interesting facts about Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the most famous Spanish cities, which can easily compete with even…

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The most unusual tours of the world
The modern tourist makes special demands on excursion programs. Just walking around the picturesque corners…


historical buildings

Interesting facts about Estonia

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, most of which has been occupied. Many centuries ago, Estonia was under the yoke of Denmark, then – of Sweden, and more recently was part of the Soviet Union. However, despite the challenges, Estonia began to flourish and became an independent, democratic country, prosperous, rich in culture, nature and architecture. That is why in Estonia it is simply necessary to travel by bus to taste the beauty of this country, to do it better with the company, only you have time to catch up to the end of August for travel there is a discount. Continue reading

Interesting facts about tourism

Each of us at least once in his busy work and everyday life was thinking about traveling. Unhide, meet new people, recharge with new emotions. But we always have a lot of excuses: there is not enough money, there is a catastrophic lack of time, the health is not the same, there is no one to leave children with. And we want to acquaint you with interesting facts about travels that exactly motivate you to go on a journey, at least to another city.
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Rosa Khutor is the best resort in Russia

Rosa Khutor – resort complex of international class
The stunning beauty and diversity of the natural landscapes of this place make Rosa Khutor one of the most attractive places for recreation, both winter and summer. By the 2014 Winter Olympics, a full-fledged, self-sufficient resort and sports complex was built here, equipped at the level of the best world standards. Continue reading