Interesting facts about Cambodia
Cambodia is a country with a rich history and a difficult fate, located in Southeast…

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Sights of Dresden
Dresden is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Germany, which is visited…

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Interesting facts about Tajikistan
Tajikistan is a Central Asian state, spread out under the Pamir Mountains. Once Tajikistan was…

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Sights of Pyatigorsk
Let's make a little trip to Pyatigorsk? Sights, photos with descriptions and interesting facts of…



Sights of Pyatigorsk

Let’s make a little trip to Pyatigorsk? Sights, photos with descriptions and interesting facts of the city of Pyatigorsk will be remembered for sure. There is something to be surprised about.
Place duel Lermontov
Sights of Pyatigorsk
On the northwestern side of Mount Mashuk there is a place where a monument to the tragic event is erected. It was here that the duel between Nikolai Martynov and Mikhail Lermontov took place. Continue reading

Top 10 places not known to all in Kiev

Kiev is one of the most amazing cities, because the long history has made a significant mark. In Kiev, there are many attractions that are known around the world and visited by visitors. But besides this, there are also unknown, but no less beautiful and amazing corners of the Ukrainian capital. These places are not visited by residents of other countries, but because of this they do not become less interesting and sometimes mysterious. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with ten places in Kiev, which you have definitely not heard about. Continue reading

10 best places to visit Italy

Many famous artists and outstanding scientists were born and raised in Italy. A huge number of monuments of this particular country is listed in the UNESCO list. Incredible beauty country. It is characterized by amazing landscapes and unique buildings that impress citizens. But when traveling around this beautiful country or in other European countries, we should not forget about our relatives, who are bored and are waiting for you in their homeland. For these cases, so that communication with relatives is not so expensive, it is worth using the Internet tariff for Italy – Orange Mundo from Orange. Continue reading