Interesting facts about Peter
May be surprised, but St. Petersburg is a relatively young city. He is only about…

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Liliput Village in Iran
In a remote corner of the Iranian province of South Khorasan, not far from its…

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What to see in Ryazan?
Ryazan is one of the oldest cities in Central Russia. It is believed that a…

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Historical places of Crimea
The peninsula of Crimea has always been famous for its beauty. These beauties attract ordinary…


many gardens

The five best districts of Barcelona

Known for its pride, narcissism and explosive temperament that can amaze and make you fall in love with yourself, Barcelona, ​​as before, remains one of the most beautiful cities not only on the European continent, but throughout the world. If you ask a Muscovite, which, in his opinion, Moscow lacks, then most likely a resident of the Russian capital will complain about the absence of the sea. So, Barcelona, ​​in fact, is Moscow, which has a sea. The city is divided into twenty-seven districts, and in this article we will try to tell you about the advantages of the five best ones. Continue reading

Top 10 places to travel in China

Planning a vacation in China, but do not know which places to visit? We offer 10 best places that will allow you to have a good rest, and will leave indelible impressions for a long time in your memory.
By the way, today tour operators offer to combine business with pleasure when traveling to China, namely, to go on a furniture tour to China – to admire the beauties of this delightful country and purchase luxury furniture of Italian quality at a price below the market by 80%. Continue reading