Rare and little-known sights of St. Petersburg
In the cultural capital of Russia there are many streets that are not on any…

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Interesting facts about Cambodia
Cambodia is a country with a rich history and a difficult fate, located in Southeast…

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Unusual places of Tver
princedom, played no less a role than Moscow: the power-loving and cunning local princes, rivals…

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Rating of the best ski resorts in Europe
Practically all people engage in various sports very closely related to travel. For example -…



Unusual places of Italy

Many tourists are sure that they are going to Italy for the opportunity to have a great rest on luxurious beaches, to touch the history. And this is undoubtedly true, because in Italy the largest number of architectural monuments is concentrated. In the article we will tell how you can look at Italy differently:
Thanks to this article, you will definitely want to visit Italy, and the most profitable in this case will be tours to Italy with early booking. as this is a great savings that will be useful in this magical country.
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Top 25 best places in the world to travel

1. Marrakesh in Morocco has become number 1 on the list of the best places to travel. “The stunning old market in the city center is full of life” – this is the most attractive place of the city, according to users of the portal.
2. Siem Reap in Cambodia – number 2 in the ranking of the best places to travel. Sunrise over the Angkor Wat temple is a special delight for tourists, it is no wonder that it is considered one of the seven new wonders of the world. Continue reading